145 Almost Daily Devotional – Contentment And Wealth

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 23, 2009

in Almost Daily Devotional


Almost Daily Devotional:
Contentment And Wealth

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  • Man, this is so timely for me. Well, this topic is ALWAYS timely for me. I was talking to a well respected friend about this last night, and she dropped this gem on me: “why don’t you ask God for help with this?”

    In my AA/recovery world we talk about “self will run riot” which is kinda like how an addict will try to control and manipulate their lives, behavior and the people around them in order to stop their drinking etc instead of asking God (or their Higher Power) for help. I realized that is what I am doing with my money. I am trying to self will myself into being better with my money instead of accepting that my will has not made me any better at this for the past 40 years, so maybe it’s time to ask for some guidance in the form of prayer.

    It’s kinda funny that whenever someone brings this up to me I act like I’ve never heard of iit before!

    Anyway, love this podcast. When I become open to Spirit, this is the first place I go. I’m so happy that it is here.

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