245 Weekly Lost Podcast – The Package Review

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 5, 2010

in LOST Podcast


Weekly Lost Podcast
The Package Review

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In this episode, Stephanie and I share the gspn.tv community review of Season 6 Episode 10, “The Package.”

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  • marshall1204re

    Stephanine said that Miles has not used his abilities since the first show in the season. That is not correct. Miles used his ability to out Ben as Jacob's killer to Illana. He also used his ability to discover the diamonds buried with Nikki and Paulo

  • I thought it was me that said that. Though, you are right… He did use his gifts there. ;)

  • Not only does Smokey seem to need all the candidates, but he seems to need them to come of their own choosing. I also think that MIL may have been the reason Sun couldn't speak english. He was chasing her, then they showed her hitting the tree, then MIL running apparently back to his camp.

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