248 Weekly Lost Podcast – Everybody Loves Hugo IR

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 13, 2010

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Weekly Lost Podcast
Everyobody Loves Hugo IR

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In this episode, Stephanie and I share our intial reaction to Season 6 Episode 12, “Everybody Loves Hugo”

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  • Lost in LA

    Thank you thank you Stephanie!!!!! Ah thank you! FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me! Jack & Kate will bump into each other in the flash sideways, revealing that they are truly in love! I am such a dork but I really love Kate and Jack together.

    I care equally about the relationships and the sci-fi stuff – and I want this ending as much as I want to know what the man in black really is. The show is not about one or the other, but both the people and their surrounding circumstances.

  • whirligige

    This Jeannie in Washington and I think Desmond hit John with the car so that John will make contact with Jack, and then they will both remember the island when Jack touches John during a medical examination. First time I've thought of a theory in this show and I'm rather proud of myself. I suppose someone else already thought of it though, since I thought of it tonight, and other people think of this show a lot. I usually don't dwell in it a lot, but the scene of Desmond stalking John, who has to use s wheelchair and was steadily making his way to the parking lot, and then speeding up to hit John just knocked my sensibilities and I couldn't fathom why Desmond would do such a thing until I was driving home. Desmond arranged a chance meeting with Hugo to get him to talk about Libby, and he's been looking up other members of the Losties. You'd think he'd have a better way to get John and Jack to touch, but that's TV for you. Stay Lost! Jeannie

  • I remember how Season 1 really showed that Jack and Kate were nearly a couple. I think when they introduced the triangle thing, it just made me sick of that whole storyline. But I agree, Jack and Kate together would be a nice ending.

  • I like that theory! Great job!

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