062 Authentic Life Radio – Hearing No Is Hard

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 21, 2013

in Authentic Life Radio

In this episode Sarah and Stephanie talk about:

– A Hard “No”
– Sarah can beat Luke in one on one
– Raising Our Kids Together

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  • CueYawn

    hello! found your podcasts on stitcher. Great podcast by the way :) My name is Jaimie and I’m with Audioboo, a London based spoken-word social network platform. I’m reaching out to you because Audioboo would like to offer a free channel to all your podcasts. I believe that having your podcasts on our platform will be another chance for further distribution. We have over 9 million users and 10 million listens from all over the world, including the U.S. U.K., Australia, Brazil and other parts of Europe. Audioboo is well integrated with social media and it would be very easy to transfer already existing podcasts to your Audioboo channel.
    If this is something that interests you, please contact me at jaimie.park@audioboo.fm
    Thank you

  • CueYawn Jaimie,  Please email me at Cliff@PodcastAnswerMan.com with more details about what you have going on with audioboo for podcasting.
    I had looked into AudioBoo several times in the past and couldn’t get over the time limit that was imposed on recordings.  
    I’d be interested in talking to you more about this offer for Authentic Life Radio.

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