065 Authentic Life Radio – Sticks And Stones

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 21, 2013

in Authentic Life Radio

In this episode Sarah and Stephanie talk about:

– Still A Kid
– Not productive but good a digging a hole.
– Dirty dishes suck, but grateful for the dirty house.
– Cool mom moments.

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  • Stephanie,
    This is the first time that I have listened to your show. I’m so happy that I finally took the time to learn more about you and the show. Thanks to your hubby, Cliff. He has been a awesome leader by helping me on my podcasting journey. I totally resonate with you about our kids growing up so fast. I’m 36 an my son, Drew, will be 16 in May and I feel like the time has flown by. He’s taller than me and that boyish figure is almost a distant memory. No matter what, he will always be my baby. You and Sarah are awesome moms, wives, leaders, and podcasters. Keep on living that authentic life. You just gained a new fan. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Many Blessings,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  • Jennifer Gross

    Hi, Stephanie and Sarah,
    When I found myself nearly talking back to you as I listened to your latest episode, I thought I should come write a comment. One comment for each of you! :) Stephanie, I also used to let dishes sit for days…it didn’t seem like punishment to wash them, like it does to you, but it was just so BORING. And then I found this really cool new technology, called a podcast! And since I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t have a commute, my podcast time is when I am cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. There’s this really great podcast, called Authentic Life Radio, that I just listened to…while doing the dishes. :D Seriously, though, one way I motivated myself to do the dishes every evening was to think of it as a “gift” to my future self, the one who will get up way too early for my liking and stagger downstairs to see either a messy, chaotic kitchen or a relatively neat one, ready for me to start breakfast. (And since my kids are still young and my hubby leaves for work before we get up, I am always the one making breakfast.)
    And Sarah, I just wanted to hug you when you talked about going back to bed on bad days. I’ve been listening to ALR for years now, I think, and I remember you sharing that you had some health challenges. Please don’t beat yourself up for not being “productive.” Our culture has so idolized productivity, I think, that we’re not getting enough sleep, our stress levels are sky-high, and often we get sick for the simple reason that we don’t get enough rest for our bodies’ immune system to fight off infection. Sleep is one of the best healers there is, especially for those of us with chronic health conditions. What use is a clean house or whatever else you think you should be doing instead of sleeping, if it comes with an anxious, tired mom/wife? I bet your husband and kids would prefer that you do what you need to do to be loving and present with them. And praying yourself to sleep? Awesome. Maybe you can start thinking of that warm cocoon of blankets as your prayer closet.
    Thanks so much to both of you for your authenticity. I always look forward to ALR showing up in my podcast list.

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