130 EOTC – Remembering David Foster

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 29, 2012

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

This episode of Encouraging Others Through Christ is long overdue. I am finally at place where I am ready to record this episode devoted to remembering my good friend, David H. Foster.

My great friend, David, passed away on April 1st, 2012. However, not before having a profound impact on my life.

In this episode of the Encourage Others Through Christ podcast, I have taken 14 audio clips from the last sermon David ever preached, just hours before dying, to help remember what this man stood for. I can personally attest that this man lived out what he believed and preached.

So much more could be said. However, it is my sincere hope that this episode will, even in a small way, honor this man's life and the friendship that I had with him.

The following video is a memorial video that was put together by members of David's church family. All the clips, like the ones I played in this podcast episode, are from David's final sermon.

Here are direct links to the six sermons that are a part of the final sermon series that David preached. (iTunes Link)

1) The Broken (Why some people suffer needlessly)
2) The Beat-up (How to develop a big-picture mind-set)
3) The Betrayed (The 3 things you want that God will never give you)
4) The Bothered (Chasing after God knows what)
5) The Bored (Where to find your misplaced hope)
6) The Burnt (David's Final Sermon)

I encourage everyone to listen to David's Renegade's Guide To God podcast. (iTunes Link)

One thing is for certain… I'll never forget the way that David Foster made me feel!

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  • Albert_Hathazi

    The video was very inspiring and a great tribute. Thanks for sharing Cliff Ravenscraft

  •  @Albert_Hathazi Thanks Albert.  I’m glad you enjoyed it.  I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to learn as much as I did from this man. ;)

  • Man I had no idea he died.. Loved listening to him and had exchanged many Facebook posts and tweets with him.. wow..

  •  @ScottAyres I’m so thankful that you had the opportunity to have those exchanges with David.  He was such a great man.
    So sorry to have to deliver such shocking news.  Know that he lived well and died well.  If there is a way to live and a way to go, he sure found it. 

  • esggraphics

    Just spent the last few days listening to this episode and all 6 sermons.  He will be missed. These are some of the best sermons I’ve heard. I’m working on all his others and his Renegade series as well. I wish I could have known him on this side of glory, but look forward to meeting him on the other side. “Go get ’em!”

  •  @esggraphics So glad that I had the honor of introducing you to David and the message that God gave him to share with the world.  :)

  • esggraphics

     @Cliff Ravenscraft I’m not ashamed to say that watching the video above moved me to tears. What a godly man he seemed to be. Thank you for the introduction. I’ve just started the R4G podcasts and will jump back and forth between them and the regular series. Will be enjoying these for the next month or two.

  •  @esggraphics Nothing to be ashamed of.    Enjoy the encouraging and inspiring content!   I can tell you from experience, that man lived what he taught!

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