124 About The Church – A Conversation With David Foster

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 13, 2011

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

In this episode of the About The Church Podcast, I am delighted to share a recorded phone conversation that I recently had with my good friend, David H. Foster from DavidFoster.tv.

I wish I had time to sit down and take notes about all the things we talked about in this conversation so that it would convince you to click play and listen. However, I'm going to just ask you to trust me when I tell you that this was an amazing conversation and that you'll be glad you listened if you do click the play button!

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  • My good friend Byron attempted to post the following comment but ran into an issue with the LiveFyre comment system. I’m simply going to paste his comment here..

    Hey Cliff, I tried to leave you a comment on Episode #124 of About The Church but received the following error message – I retried several times. I did want to say that this episode Soooooooo Rocked! I would be grateful if David would join you for more episodes like this one. Amen to what David and you shared, AKA Byronious

  • crunchycoach

    Definitely bring David back!

    Wanna hear something funny, Cliff? I am the person who made that remark about God being thrilled with you (me), and I sorta kinda forgot it over the past few weeks that have been a challenge for me in several areas of life.

    So, thank you for reminding me. It gave me a boost today. :)

  • @crunchycoach Emily, I am so happy that you enjoyed the episode. Ever since you shared that thought with me, I’ve been really trying to wrap my mind around the idea of God being “THRILLED” with me. It certainly stuck, as you can tell! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on the episode here!

  • Cliff, I rejoice that you have come to the “freedom” found in Christ. I, like you have been graciously set “free” after 20 years of serving religion and not Christ. I have rededicated my life as a pastor and servant of Christ to preach the “True Gospel of Christ” so that others are set free by the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives! It is amazing that I can come back to gspn.tv and find how God has placed you in my path to remind me that He has great plans in store and that I am not alone in this journey!  Love You Brother! 

  •  @Endtime0822 It’s amazing the people that I’ve crossed paths with since I found this true freedom back in September.  I love the deeper, more authentic, relationships I share with those who are free from religion and learning to live loved by The Father.

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