227 Family From The Heart – Wasted Steps

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 29, 2012

in Family From The Heart

In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I discuss the following:

– New workout room
– Season 6 of LOST
– Commercial Space Update
– Picture Day / Helping at school.
– Meagan has contacts
– Still no iPhone 5
– Forgot my Fitbit – Wasted steps. ;)
– Wayne Jacobsen conversation.

We discussed a few other topics in this episode, including my thoughts on a book called The Time Keeper. We hope that you enjoy the show. If so, please consider telling others about Family From The Heart!

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  • crunchycoach

    My two cents about the whole buying a bldg thing: you guys don’t “need” to get into more debt! (with all due respect to your biz advisors)  Haven’t you been working your hind end off the past several yrs to get out of debt? If you guys redid the garage, that would probably be plenty of space for you to have one employee to help you grow your biz.
    I like Stephanie’s idea. Look for a place with a couple acres, esp. a foreclosure, and a decent house, where you can build your own office space.
    My opinion. I personally love having a home office and outsourcing to odesk contractors the stuff I don’t want to do. Easy and simple. And cheaper. ;)  And plus having debt scares me.

  •  @crunchycoach I appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Glad to hear about the workout room.  That sounds like a great plan, especially for winter.
    Thank thee for sharing.
    K, bye

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