253 Family From The Heart – I Ain’t Eating Bootys

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 3, 2013

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– New promo from http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/audio
– Chorus Award Typo
– Matthew cutting the grass
– Dance competition
– Bootys
– And The Shofar Blew
– Trouble With The Curve Review
– Here Comes The Boom Review
– Jack the giant slayer

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  • thrivingmosaic gspn Saw “Trouble With The Curve” on the plane trip down to Colombia in Jan.  I loved the movie.  I thought Eastwood, Adams and Timberlake did a great job.  New to being a baseball fan (over the last few years), but enjoyable.

  • angelsteph

    gspn I just listened to this episode while on my bike ride today. You mentioned a mount you use for your car for your iPhone. Since I was on my bike, I couldn’t write down the brand and I had forgotten what it was when I got back. Could you tell me which one you have? Thanks!

  • @angelsteph  I use this one: http://gspn.tv/cw3o

  • @Cliff Ravenscraft thanks much, Cliff!

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