273 Family From The Heart – The New Fitness Focus

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 10, 2013

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– PABL Daily
– Stephanie fitness update
– FitBit Force
– New house fits on our lot.
– Stephanie's new venture
– Meagan is out of the boot.
– TV Talk
– Tomorrow People
– The New Studio
– Live Audience
– House Band
– Multiple sets.
– Outwitting the Devil
– Four day weekend
– Mrs Piggy Goes To Honda

Special Thanks to the folks at TV Talk for sponsoring this episode of Family From The Heart. Take the enjoyment of your favorite tv shows to the next level. Learn more at TVTalk.com.

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  • FredFirestine

    Hi folks! I just listened to this episode. I’ve been with Cliff on his quest for better health and fitness since the old user forum “Accountability Group” (then I dropped off the newer group, at some point). You know I am a big fan of at-home fitness. I am very excited to hear you are both picking up the momentum again! If I may suggest, there are two websites I use a lot for free video workouts: fitnessblender.com and hasfit.com. If you search for “low impact” workouts at either site, you can see some alternatives for Cliff (understandably taking a slow-but-steady approach), and Stephanie (who might need some ‘recovery” exercises). I think you’re both doing a great job of challenging yourselves without (as Stephanie mentioned) overdoing it to the point where you have to give up.

  • FredFirestine¬†Thanks so much Fred. ¬†We’ll take a look at those sites. ;)

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