521 PABL – Why I Love The Fitbit Ultra

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 12, 2012

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I recently fell in love with the Fitbit! My wife has had one of these for quite some time. However, I've just discovered, for myself, just how motivating it is to have one of these little devices.

I was so excited by the motivation that this gadget has provided that I decided to grab my audio recorder and I recorded an episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life to talk about why I love the Fitbit. You can listen to what I had to share by clicking the play button found at the very top of this post.

I recorded this episode two days ago. Since then, the excitement and motivation has spread, like wildfire, through to our whole family. So far, Stephanie, Megan, Matthew, and myself have our Fitbits and we are all finding ourselves going way out of our way to achieve the daily activity goals that we have set for ourselves. As you might suspect, McKenna is now begging to have a Fitbit of her own. There is a good chance that she will have one before the end of this week.

If you are not familiar with what a Fitbit is, have a listen to the audio that I recorded for this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life and then check out the following video:

I can't speak highly enough of this device. The cool thing is that I was able to set up our Withings Scale so that it automatically updates our individual weight records with FitBit each time we step on to the scale.

You can get your own Fitbit from a number of different places. However, if you were to use out affiliate link with FitBit's Website, we would earn a commission from your purchase. Either way, if you get one of these devices, I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does!

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  • masonworld

    @GSPN FitBit is powered by the Texas Inst 16-MHz MSP430 MCU – 92Kb of flash, 4Kb of RAM and a 12-bit A-to-D converter. http://t.co/k29RabkX

  • Just ordered from Amazon! Thanks @cliff 

  • GSPN

    @masonworld That is sweet! It’s an awesome device and I’m in LOVE WITH IT!

  •  @hubze  Very cool. I hope it motivates you as much as it does me!

  • Great to see this is helping you get on track.  It about setting goals and this does it wonderfully.
    Glad to hear of your success.
    K, bye

  •  @GSPN @thrivingmosaic I have heard you talk several times about this product.  My question is about durability.  I’ve been tracking steps using a pedometer for years and in that time I’ve gone through 6 pedometers.  The one I have now is cracked.  I wear them on my belt or waistband and most of them have cracked cases, broken hinges or broken clips.  The benefits of the device seem great but I don’t want to pay close to $100 to Amazon for a device that is going to crack or break any time soon.  Your advice?

  • ThrivingMosaic

    @xforce11 @GSPN Seems to hold up well, my first one is yr old & has belonged to me, Meagan (for a short time) and now Matt

  • xforce11

    @ThrivingMosaic @GSPN Thanks $100 is a lot different that $30 for a pedometer. So I wanted to make sure a Fitbit could handle it. Thanks!

  • @xforce11 @GSPN Ordered mine today via. gspn.tv ‘s affiliate link.

  •  @xforce11 I see that you have already purchased yours.  Just to set your mind more at ease, we have a thread on Facebook, that links to this post.  Click this link: http://share.gspn.tv/JS8m to see just how durable this is!

  •  @Cliff Ravenscraft  @xforce11 My Fitbit came in today.  I got my account set up and it is charging up now.

  •  @xforce11 Enjoy.  I’m at 6282 steps for the day. :)

  • marymagdaline

    @xforce11 hi Geoff – do you have the dates of the Columbia trip? Thank you :)

  • Hi Cliff,
    what’s the difference between fitbit ultra and fitbit one ?
    Both cost $99 … 
    I use a bike almost daily… too bad it can’t track that :p
    Thanks :)

  •  @Ling-en Hsia Fitbit One is not yet available.  I believe you can pre-order it now.  
    The FitBit one will have BlueTooth syncing as an option to sync your fitbit with your cell phone’s fitbit app.  

  • @Cliff Ravenscraft  @Ling-en Hsia Hi !! 
    Get it now. Thanks Cliff… I might buy one and compete with you guys then :p

  • Chris_Pilon

    Cliff, I just ordered the FitBit One for both my wife and myself through your affiliate link.  Looking forward to changing my life even more than I already have. Love your shows and appreciate the motivation and inspiration you provide.  Take care, Chris

  • segovesus

    2 nights with FitBit Ultra and it’s an amazing gadget. Thank You @Cliff Ravenscraft  for intorducing me into the new world. Almost nobody knows about FitBit in my country.

  • @Chris_Pilon That is so awesome.  Congrats on your purchases!  I look forward to seeing you on the community leaderboard at http://gspn.tv/fitbitcommunity.

  • @Chris_Pilon That is so awesome. Congrats on your purchases! I look forward to seeing you on the community leaderboard http://gspn.tv/fitbitgroup

  • @segovesus So glad you are enjoying it.  I also look forward to seeing you on the community leaderboard http://gspn.tv/fitbitgroup

  • segovesus

    @Cliff Ravenscraft I’m in :) http://gspn.tv/fitbitgroup

  • CortneySauk

    Hey Cliff,
    I’m also a Fitbit user, have been for close to 6 months now and I love it as well.
    However I wanted to warn you to not pay for the premium service. About a month after using it I was totally in love with it, (I’ve lost about 25lbs since using it) so I decided to try out the premium service since it offered some interesting features. After about a month on the premium service I noticed discrepancies with the numbers they were calculating. I contacted Fitbits support and was told that there was an issue with the software calculations and that they were working on a fix. Since this issue was pretty much making the premium service pointless I asked for a refund on the Premium Fee (which they did) back and then once they fixed the issue I would rejoin the premium service. This was months ago and as far as I can tell the issue has not been resolved and they are still offering the Premium service even though it is broken and pointless.
    It’s unfortunate they have completely ignored all issues with their software and website side of things because I really do love my Fitbit like so many others.

  • @CortneySauk Thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience.  I haven’t had any desire to go with the premium features at all.  However, if I ever am tempted, I will keep this information in mind.

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