035 Hunger Games – Mockingjay Chapters 8-9

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 13, 2012

in Hunger Games Podcast

Hunger Games Fan PodcastIn this episode of the Hunger Games Fan Podcast, Stephanie and I share our reactions to the 8th and 9th chapters of the third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay.

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  • Katie W

    I totally agree with you about the word “propo”. It is so annoying!

  •  @Katie W Glad I’m not the only one! ;)

  • misty_118

    When I read “propos” i thought it was like short hand for “pro-Propaganda”…. Like the Rebels “pro” message against the capitols “negative” propaganda

  •  @misty_118 I had similar thoughts.  Still thought it sounded “goofy” as a term.

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