037 Hunger Games – Mockingjay Chapter 12

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 26, 2012

in Hunger Games Podcast

Hunger Games Fan PodcastIn this episode of the Hunger Games Fan Podcast, Stephanie and I share our reactions to the 12th chapter of the third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay.

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  • kiraschreck1

    I just found this podcast and I’m in love!  I didn’t think there was anyone that despised Gale as much as me, just for that, I love you guys! Can’t wait for chapter 13!

  •  @kiraschreck1 LOL.  So glad you are enjoying the podcast!  ;)

  • huon9nh1

    So sad it’s only 15 mins. When will the movie review be uploaded?

  •  @huon9nh1 Episode 038 THE MOVIE REVIEW is now online. ;)

  • AwesomeAlexa

    I LOVE these podcasts!!! All of the opinions are the same as mine!!! Go Peeta!!!

  •  @AwesomeAlexa Team Peeta forever!!!

  • AllisonKimberlyCruz

    This is interesting to hear. Though my jaw dropped when I heard your comment about Gale at the end LOL It was interesting to realized how I interpreted the love triangle when I read the book differently. I didn’t see Peeta as a nice guy at all.
    Gale FTW 

  •  @AllisonKimberlyCruz So glad you are enjoying the show!

  • AwesomeAlexa

    When is the next coverage of mockingjay going to come out?!?!?!? =)

  •  @AwesomeAlexa I just got back from three trips to Nashville TN in the month of April.  Stephanie just got back from a trip to Orlando.  And Stephanie is leaving this weekend for a trip to Columbus Ohio for the weekend.
    I’m hoping that we can get some more recorded in the four weeks between when Stephanie gets back from Columbus and I leave for New York City. :)

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