576 PABL – Eating Healthy & ADT

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 19, 2014

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I share another update on my pursuit of a balanced life.

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  • otgveganshow

    Cliff, great authentic episode! You show how we can all focus on health even during a VERY busy month.
    My personal Chipotle favorite is the veggie bowl: brown rice, black beans, veggie fajitas, salsa, corn, guacamole, and lettuce. It’s so filling and satisfying. I sometimes have it twice a day when I’m at work.
    Over a year, I went from 195 lbs to 175 lbs, a weight I haven’t seen in 20 years. So other pilots are starting to order the same thing as an experiment and they say they really like it. Chipotle’s food is good enough not to need salt, so I emailed them on their website, asking them to consider using less salt so I can eat there even more often.
    Keep up the progress. You’re doing great and inspiring others!

  • Cliff,

  • otgveganshow Thank you so much Steve.  I’m down 12.2 pounds this month.  I”ll be posting another episode of #PABL very soon. ;)

  • Peder Aadahl Thank you for tuning in Peder.  I am thrilled that it’s been a helpful reminder of the importance of eating the right foods.  I”ll have another update very soon. ;)

  • Keep it up Cliff!  I can’t believe how many times I gained and lost the weight before it finally clicked for me, but finally it did!  For me, my diet and nutrition were the key.  Exercise is really good for you, but you can eat yourself out of an hour long workout in 5 minutes.  If you can truly control your food, you will lose the weight.

  • StephensWLoss Thanks Stephen.  Yes, I am focused on the healthy eating first and the physical activity second.   I’m seeing great progress. I’m down 13.7 lbs so far this month.

  • Cliff,  I am glad to hear the update on pursuing good health.  Keep it up!

  • David Fell THank you David

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