131 EOTC – Three Free Sins – Steve Brown

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 31, 2012

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

I am super excited to release this 131st episode of the Encouraging Others Through Christ Podcast. Out of all the podcast episodes that I have produced since December 2005, this is, by far, my favorite episode to date. In this episode, I share an hour long conversation that I had with Steve Brown from Key Life Ministries.

If you have been following my journey, since September of last year, you have certainly heard me mention Steve Brown on multiple occasions. Back in September, Steve's Scandalous Freedom Podcast was such an amazing breath of fresh air after being smothered by religion for the past twenty years of my life.


Since episode 121 of this podcast (Previously named the About The Church Podcast), I have shared many of the sources that God has been using to communicate to me about the unconditional love that He has for me. When I look back over this past year, it is fun to actually play the “connect the dots” game, tracing all the steps that God took to get me to this place. The story of how I was introduced to Steve and how this conversation with him came about is worthy of a whole episode of its own.

I'm happy to announce that something finally clicked for me when I read Steve Brown's most recent book, Three Free Sins. Somewhere in the middle of this book, I became so overjoyed that I actually did a little dance. I felt fully loved by my Heavenly Father and I still do.

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from this book:

1) Repentance is from a Greek word meaning to chanege one's mind. It doesn't mean changing your ways.

2) Having free sins doesn't only mean that you can throw away the mask, it also means that you don't have anybody to please except Jesus–and he's already pleased.

3) You don't have to get better to get God to love you. You don't have to get better to maintain God's love. You don't have to get better to witness. You don't have to get better to be forgiven. You don't have to get better to “make a difference.” And You don't have to get better to be sanctified or holy!

I sincerely hope that this conversation that I had with Steve blesses you and that if you are not already convinced that God loves you, that it will at least draw you closer to Him.



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  • David Dell

    I am 50:13 and could say I have so much to think about.
    But know what’s amazing…I don’t have anything to think about because its so clear!
    Wonderful :-)

  •  @David Dell It is so clear. Indeed.  Sometimes it’s just too hard to accept something that is so simple.  He loves us!

  • drhambrick

    What a great interview. What a great comfort to be told our sins are forgiven again and again and again. This is what real preaching is supposed to be. This is what’s supposed to happen at Divine Service on Sunday. I struggled in my formidable years with contradiction between what Scripture said and what I was being taught. Then later in life I struggled with what Steve Brown refers to as “Antinomy.” Until I started looking at Scripture through the lens of a Theology of the Cross. Theology of the Cross puts the cross of Christ at the center of all Scripture, and thrives in antinomy, except it refers to it as paradox. A Theology of the Cross has made all the difference in my life. A personal anecdote: The day I listened to this interview, my kids were going to be rewarded with an ice cream treat because they did such a good job helping their mother… then they decided to climb up on the roof, which is a major no-no, obviously. I thought of Steve Brown saying his father would love him if he knew he stole cherry pies, and I brought home the ice cream anyway.
    Thanks for posting this Cliff, and I hope EOTC becomes more regular now.

  •  @drhambrick That is so awesome.  Thanks so much for sharing how this interview helped inspire the Grace given to your children.  Now, where’s my ice cream treat? ;)
    I’ve been canceling a great deal of other shows in hope that I can get EOTC back to no less than once a month.

  • Wow.  That voice is amazing.  Just started listening to the interview, but had to comment on the voice.  Hope you got a bumper from him…

  •  @masonworld He does have an amazing voice.  Hope you enjoyed the episode.

  • DennisPetersen

    This is the first I’ve heard of your EOTC believers blog after finding your podcast tutorial because I am learning to podcast my radio program in Sacramento on KFIA.  When I heard Cliff interview Steve Brown, I thought, “How providential.”  Hearing your comments on so many points made me do a ‘double-take’ as though I’m looking into a mirror… your very words have rolled off my own tongue on so many points.   I haven’t heard Steve for years, but loved his messages when I used to be in a place where I heard him a lot on the radio.  I have got to see if he will someday be willing to be my guest on radio.  This message is liberating and powerfully strengthening to anyone who is truly determined to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus and humbled by the amazement of His grace.  I’m going to find out how to get in touch with you Cliff.  I can see we’ve got a lot in common with which we can bless a lot of listeners.  You can see my startup site at http://www.ReclaimYourLegacy.com.  We’re working on it and have lots to do.

  • @DennisPetersen So glad that you found my EOTC podcast and that you enjoyed this episode so much.  I looked at your site and you listened to a few minutes of of one of the shows from your archives.   Great content, though it would be nice if you had a higher quality version of your audio.
    I wish you great success in all your online efforts.

  • Rob Still

    Hey Cliff, love this interview. Steve Brown is awesome.  I will listen to this many times. Blessings on your work. I hope to start a podcast soon.

  • @Rob Still Rob, I am so glad that you enjoyed this episode. I continue to listen to this episode many times myself.  
    Oh, and congrats on your decision to launch a podcast.  Be sure to check out http://LearnHowToPodcast.com

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